Out of sight, out of mind isn’t always a good thing and can lead to hefty insurance claims down the line.

We offer a video surveying service to provide you with peace of mind about the quality and condition of the things that you’re unable to see.

Gutter and roof surveys are jobs we get asked about the most. We can get our camera equipment up to just about any height to provide you with photos and videos of hard-to-access places.


Compact action cameras provide the perfect solution for tight spaces.

These can be especially good for inspecting gutters and troubleshooting problems.

High reach, lightweight poles

Our cameras mount onto poles that reach up to 50ft, which is perfect for most scenarios.

Video or still photos

With multiple delivery options available, we can suit any budget.

Drone footage and aerial photography

We can consult on potential obstacles using more advanced technology.


All of our surveying is done from the safety of the ground, providing zero risks of falls at height.

Groundwork like this falls in line with the Health and Safety Executive, that states we must use ladder alternatives where possible.

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Is there any better satisfaction than putting your mind to rest on something that’s been worrying you?

There is no need to worry when we can find out whatever thing has been bothering you!

  • Do you hear unusual sounds from the roof when it’s windy?
  • Need help tracing a leak?
  • Maybe you need to check whether an item requires maintenance?
  • Or do you want some high-quality photos or video to advertise your property?
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We use discreet, safe, non-polluting solutions for surveying.

Where you may traditionally use a diesel scissor lift or a helicopter for very high access photography, we now advocate our eco-friendly solutions. Why not use our cost-effective drone or high-reach solutions instead of a noisy, polluting alternative?