Solar Panel Cleaning

Did you know that if you don’t have your solar panels regularly maintained, you can lose up to 30% efficiency?

Sea salt, bird droppings, pollen and algae are just a few of the things that can stop your solar panels from being effective. This build-up of dirt will result in poor system performance as the sunlight will not be able to reach the cells. When you get your solar panels cleaned you continue to take full advantage of your investment in solar energy, with no power going to waste.

We offer regular maintenance cleaning of Solar Panels. This will extend the lifetime of your panels and avoid permanent staining. Contact us for a consultation on reliable solutions for accessing them safely.


We can confidently clean both roof-mounted and ground solar arrays with our knowledge of the industry and the equipment necessary to clean efficiently.
Most manufacturers of solar panels specify Pure water cleaning.

Our van mounted systems purify water through professional filtration systems, increasing the cleaning power in an environmentally secure way.

We use Soft brushes made explicitly for Solar Panels.

They are mounted on our lightweight poles to maximise safety and protect your panels from damage as we clean the dirt from them.

Fan jets create a blade-like action on the solar panels.

The fan jets, along with the pure water system, create a perfect solution for repelling all the dirt, and the result is a superior job that is reliably clean.


We may visit your site before work commences to establish the safest route of access.

Our trained staff are effective in using powered access, where it is necessary for the job. We will provide you with a consultation before-hand to offer the perfect solution for you.

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Did you know that dirty solar panels will affect your manufacturer’s warranty?

An untrained attempt at cleaning can be inefficient, but more dangerously, can result in electric shock.

You will have the peace of mind that your solar panels will continue to give you your return on your investment when you have them cleaned at least once a year.

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The manufacturers of solar panels recommend that you DO NOT use harsh chemicals or detergents when cleaning.

It can damage the surface, lower efficiency and possibly void your warranty.

When we use pure water to clean your solar panels, you can rest assured that you are using the most eco-friendly and recommended method.