Soft Washing and Wall Cleaning

  • Are your beautiful smooth rendered walls now looking red or muddy brown?
  • Is the paint on your walls now more garden green than pearly white?

We are City and Guilds qualified to offer you the best solution for cleaning these unsightly stains and prevent the algae and other microorganisms from growing. We offer pet-friendly, child-friendly and eco-friendly solutions too!


When you hire someone to apply professional-grade chemicals, they must have the equipment to handle the job.

Here at Smith Cleaning ltd, we have invested in industry-leading technology to ensure that we have the perfect solutions available to you.

High reach telescopic poles

We reach up to 50ft high, making light work of applying chemicals to your property. Working from the ground maintains a high level of safety and lowers risks associated at working from height for our workers and the public.

Safety nozzles

When a chemical is sprayed, it is crucial to have close control of where the chemical is landing. We use high-grade spraying nozzles that help us work efficiently and safely. This helps us deliver you a low-risk, high-quality result.

Professional Strength Chemicals

For the best results, you need the best quality chemicals. These are only available to purchase by trained industry professionals. We have access to a wide range of internationally renowned brands that can tackle the toughest stains on your walls and render.


Cleaning walls requires experience and training to understand the dangers to operators, the public and surfaces whilst dealing with chemicals.

We are City and Guilds trained in Softwashing and Wall Cleaning, and COSHH certified.

We have undertaken this training to ensure we can provide you with the safest and most professional solutions.

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Whether you have a hotel, home or holiday let, your property should look good.

We offer scheduled maintenance cleans to keep on top of algae growth and staining. 
This solution is perfect for maintaining a clean appearance all year round.

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The chemicals we use are for professional use only, and they continue to be the only 100% Organic, and completely non-toxic outdoor cleaners.

Professionals well know it; traditional ways of exterior cleaning are bad for the environment, and humans or pets. They damage surfaces and encourage quick regrowth of algae and other organisms. We offer an alternative that is safer, longer-lasting and better for the planet.

We arrange our processes with the environment in mind. Being aware of our environmental impact ensures we always strive to shrink our ‘footprint’ by lowering chemical use and water wastage. We practice controlled and precise chemical applications.

We only use licensed products and do not use Dairy Hypochlorite (bleach). That may often be proposed as a cost-saving alternative; however, it can seriously damage property and is toxic to the health of workers and the environment, to such an extent it is not licensed for use in this setting

Our methods are softer on the environment, and the effects last for longer.