Cosy knitwear, waterproof jackets, boots and thick comfy socks.
Windy walks that make noses red, finished with a hot chocolate topped with lashings of whipped cream and, if you are lucky, a chocolate flake.
These are the things I look forward to every year as the nights draw in – but did you know that there are some essential maintenance checks we all should be doing before we welcome in the winter months?

One such check is inspecting our gutters.

Gutters often go unnoticed, as they mostly do their job so well. But when they aren’t doing their job we sure do notice quickly!
Maybe it’s an overflow – right over our front door! – or it’s a sagging gutter or broken off downpipe that shows itself during a spell of torrential rain … the torrential rain we are so familiar with here in Cornwall!

We recommend, before such emergencies, to carry out a gutter inspection.

How to check if your gutters are blocked?

It should be straight-forward to tell if a gutter is blocked if you inspect it in the rain because you will see water running down the wall or down-spout.

Luke’s Top Tip
Sometimes blocked gutters are not obvious to detect. You may have more subtle signs that you have blockages in your gutters.
Gutters should be straight and have a slight fall towards the downspout to help the water to drain properly. If you look up and see your gutters sagging or bowing, this could be due to the weight of debris trapped in the gutters. If you’re still in doubt we’re always happy to help you out!

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Gutter inspections and maintenance videos

We offer a completely ladder free service – from inspection with high resolution aerial cameras, to complete cleans of the inside and outside of gutters.
Roof inspections can also be carried out with minimal disruption and detailed images can be sent of the condition of your property.
If you then decide to have a gutter cleaning service in St Ives, Carbis Bay or Lelant, we’re always happy to provide you with our professional service.

So how would you know when to book an inspection or a clean?

Simple – if you have trees on or near your property, you will need to clear out your gutters at least once a year. If your guttering and clips and fascias are looking a bit green, likewise, book an inspection to check for plant life. If you have moss on your roof, book an inspection. If you’ve never thought about it and never had it done, book an inspection! states
“Seven out of ten UK homes suffer as owners ignore maintenance.”and in their winter-ready check list they say “Clear out gutters and drains, removing any leaves, dirt and debris, so water can drain freely.”

What about for all the properties that have had a busy summer welcoming families for holidays? We offer a tailor made video service – an inspection we can record and send to you personally so you can see, in detail, the works needed yourself. Check out some of our videos here:

Smith Cleaning Roof inspection YouTube video in St Ives.

Gutter clearing YouTube video in St Ives.

So, before we are drawing the curtains early on darkened streets, book in your inspection and make sure you have no winter emergencies!

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