Residential Window Cleaning

Our ability to clean windows with a professional finish at reliable intervals is what keeps our clients asking us to come back again and again.

We now offer residential window cleaning to an exclusive number of clients who want to use the most professional choice in St Ives.


We use premier equipment to bring you the finest quality clean.
Pure water window cleaning

Purifying water through professional filtration systems maximise our cleaning power, ensuring your windows stay cleaner for longer.

Water-fed poles

Whether it’s reaching for those difficult access windows or above obstacles like conservatories, our water-fed poles are more than capable.

Traditional tools

Internal window cleaning requires a different skill-set, and all our team members are highly trained in traditional window cleaning.


We use the latest window cleaning technology to reach the highest windows from the safety of the ground.

Guidance from the Health and Safety Executive recommends the use of Water-fed poles to clean windows. We take health and safety seriously for your peace of mind.

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Stunning sea-views are the reason many people move to Cornwall, but those views can be quickly dashed by dirty windows.

Our regular visits will keep your home and windows looking their finest.

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Environmental impact is something all reputable businesses should consider.

Our pure water system means 90% of our work is chemical-free and environmentally friendly.

If we do have to use different solutions, we use eco-friendly soaps.

The team members of Smith Cleaning ltd also regularly participate in beach clean-ups where possible.