A Professional and Reliable Service

We are insured up to £10,000,000 for your peace of mind.
Using the latest in window cleaning technology ensures that you always get the best clean.

All your windows can be safely and quickly reached, including above conservatories and any windows that would usually be impossible to reach with ladders.

The water-fed pole system

The water-fed pole system is currently the premier way of cleaning windows for the following reasons:

Working from the Ground

Working from the ground adheres to Health and Safety ‘Working at Height’ regulations, which any professional business should take very seriously.

Water Fed Pole

Using the water-fed pole ensures that your windows and frames are thoroughly cleaned, leaving your property gleaming.

Cleaner for Longer

The windows remain cleaner for longer, as any dirt-producing particles are removed.

No Ladders

Ladders damage the walls of your property; our system does not require ladders.


Our cleans are Eco-Friendly as we do not need to use chemicals.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The quality of the clean is not affected by the rain. In fact; we are so confident in this statement that we offer a 100% rain satisfaction guarantee.
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